Pain free sitting

Spine Design Ltd, trading as The Back Shop, situated in the centre of Dublin near Trinity College, has been carrying out R&D into the causes and prevention of back pain for over 25 years. (Published in our book “The Engineering Solution to Suffering Back Pain”)

This has resulted in a unique business that manufactures a range of office, home and car seating that in 95% of cases results in pain free sitting for many hours at a time.

Backprints are as unique as Fingerprints

Every spine has a different shape. Our patented Spinal System-S measures individual spines when sitting with perfect posture. This information is used to manufacture custom tailored office home and car seating that in turn guarantees perfect posture. In 95% of cases, and over ten thousand back sufferers, this has resulted in pain free sitting.

Bad posture is the main cause of back pain, when the spineis slumped into a forward “C” position resulting in huge pressure in the discs.

Perfect posture prevents back pain

Spinal System-S

The photograph shows the Spinal System-S machine in action. The unique “S” shape of the spine is plainly visible. It has been gently pressed from its previous ”C” position.

Patented Spinal System-S measuring device

The drawing below indicates the various measurements that are taken to make seating to exactly match each person’s physical specifications.

We have a patent on a process that enables us to supply guaranteed perfect posture office, ZS chair, and car seat moulds to anybody anywhere in the world without having to measure the person.

Disc pressure variation

The diagram shows how the intervertebral disc pressure varies with body position. Lying flat (1) the pressure is least. Sitting with bad posture (8) creates more pressure than any other body positon.