The Spine – Perfect Human Engineering

The Principles and Laws of Engineering are Absolute

Buildings, airplanes, cars, rockets and boats work subject to these forces. Skyscrapers can withstand earthquakes and bridges can span rivers the size of small seas – all engineering in absolute precision, absolute perfection. However, if a fault occurs in any part of one of these structures, engineering principles can be adversely affected, often with devastating results.


 People are engineering in motion

The human body is the ultimate amalgamation of engineering laws in perfect harmony. The spine, the foundation of the body, is constructed according to nature’s strictest laws. When subjected to improper use (extended sitting, for example), it can develop a weakness; a fault in its ability to agree with engineering principles. To inspire its owner to stop putting it under pressure, the spine warns us with pain. This can be very severe at times!

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Back Shop chairs uniquely support human engineering

Spineline™ and Postureline™ chairs are uniquely designed and manufactured adhering to the universal engineering principles of the spine. They work by getting the spine back into equilibrium with its natural engineering – its own natural ‘S’ shape. When equilibrium is re-established, pain dissipates.