“Spine prints are as unique as fingerprints”

Colm Campbell, (BE Ceng Euring MIEI) Founder of the Back Shop.

The Measuring System.

Every spine is completely unique, with particular tolerances, flexibilities and dimensions. Colm Campbell designed and patented our spinal posture measuring system over 35 years ago to capture and use these details. This system allows us to measure your spine when you are in perfect posture. Like a bespoke tailor, we take measurement of the necessary seat depth, width, sitting height, arm height and angle of the back, that will always keep you in perfect posture.

This enables us to manufacture your chair to your own ‘Spineprint’. The result is that every time you sit in a Back Shop chair, your spine goes into perfect posture. The more times during your day that you are in perfect posture, the stronger, more resilient and healthier your spine will be.