Hotties Hot Water Bottle

SKU: hhwb1

Hotties have an established reputation for safety and comfort as well as having genuine therapeutic benefit. Available as a traditional hot water bottle, the Hotties are safe and easy to use requiring only a microwave to heat the sealed internal core. No boiling kettles, no tricky stoppers, no danger of scalding. The Hotties contain only water soaked into a special internal core with no dangerous sticky gels or wax. Produced in the UK this ingenious product takes only a few minutes in the microwave to give you hours of warmth.

Micro-Hotties are the UK’s leading microwave heated hot water bottles. Safe and easy to use Hotties have revolutionised the hot water bottle market with products that utilise modern technology hand in hand with traditional benefits of comfort and warmth. Micro-Hotties are ultra convenient to use, with only a couple of minutes heating in the microwave for hours of comforting warmth.


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