Posture Rite (Wide) 15″


emblem-final-capital15″ Back Surface Width.
The Posturite Lumbar Support is made from a revolutionary new space age material called VISCO ELASTIC which was invented by the USA for space travel. It has a built in memory and is extremely heat sensitive.

Posturite relieves pain by supporting the lumbar spine in good posture

  • The special memory material responds to body heat, woftening at the points of higher pressure, collapsing, then distributing the pressure over the surrounding areas.
  • After a while the collapsed areas recover. They remember their original positions, and once more take up the pressure. This cycle is repeated continuously.
  • The extraordinary thing about Posturite is after a couple of minutes, when body heat is attained, it is difficult to feel and yet the lumbar spine is supported.
  • Posturite can be used in the car, home, office, plane, cinema, etc. It is so heat sensitive that if left in the car overnight in very cold weather it will become rigid and take several minutes to regain its softness.
  • Posturite comes with a one months money back guarantee

If, within 30 days, this product doesn’t give you relief from pain, we will promptly provide a full refund upon receiving the item.


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