Extendable Metal Shoehorn

Extendable metal shoehorn, approx. 77 cm

An extendable metal shoehorn is a tool designed to assist individuals in putting on and taking off shoes without excessive bending or straining. Here are its key features and uses:

  1. Extension Mechanism: The extendable feature of the metal shoehorn allows it to lengthen and retract. This makes it particularly useful for people who may have difficulty bending over or reaching their feet comfortably.
  2. Smooth Surface: The surface of the shoehorn is often smooth, allowing shoes to slide on and off easily without causing damage to the shoe or discomfort to the user.
  3. Assistance for Mobility Issues: It is particularly beneficial for individuals with mobility issues, back problems, arthritis, or other conditions that may limit their flexibility or range of motion.
  4. Travel-Friendly: The extendable design also makes it convenient for travel, as it can be compacted to a smaller size when not in use.

To use an extendable metal shoehorn, the user extends the shoehorn to the desired length, places the curved end inside the back of the shoe, and uses the handle or grip to guide the foot into the shoe without bending over. This tool is a simple yet effective solution to promote independence and ease for individuals who may face challenges when putting on or taking off their shoes.


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