Posture Rite
Posture Rite (Narrow) 12" Original price was: €65.00.Current price is: €45.50.
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Tokyo Freedom

(The Yoga Chair)

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2D Arm Pads (Pair)

Height-Adjustable and Forward/Backward Sliding Armrests:

  • Description: These armrests offer a combination of height adjustment and a forward/backward sliding mechanism. The height adjustment allows users to set the armrests at a comfortable level, while the sliding feature enables them to move the armrests closer to or farther away from the seat.
  • Functionality: Users can customize the height of the armrests to ensure proper alignment with their desk and then slide the armrests forward for additional support while working or backwards for more freedom of movement. This versatility accommodates different body types and preferences.
  • Moulded Polyurethane Arm Pad.

  • Fixed Position.

  • Black Fine Texture Finish.

  • Arm Pad Connection Points 100mm.


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