HINOMI X1 Ergonomic Chair

The Hinomi X1 Ergonomic Office Chair offers personalized ergonomic enhancements in a sleek design, making it an ideal investment for your workplace well-being.

  • 4-panel backrest for comprehensive back support
  • 6D adjustable armrests to support various activities
  • 3D gentle & precise lumbar support
  • 14 adjustable elements for a tailored fit
  • Verified by TÜV according to BIFMA standards


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The Hinomi X1 Chair is designed to support spinal health. Its four-panel backrest design cradles both the upper and lower back, promoting an upright posture and enhancing spinal health. The chair offers adjustable lumbar support and the option to customize backrest height for personalized comfort, effectively reducing strain and preventing lower back pain. The spaces between the panels also aid in pressure relief, providing excellent back support.


Back Support

Thoughtfully engineered to cradle your entire back, the revolutionary four-panel backrest is designed to optimize comfort, reduce strain, and improve spinal health.

Comprehensive Back Support

Say Goodbye to Lower Back Pain

3D Lumbar Support

Customizable backrest height and lumbar support tension bring tailored comfort.

The unique TPU material also strikes a perfect balance between gentle support and durability to help prevent and alleviate back pain.

6D Armrests

6D Armrests Depth Adjustment

Depth Adjustment

6D Armrests Depth Adjustment

Hinomi X1 The class 4 certified gas lift

Built to Impress

Hinomi X1 Aluminium Frame

The sturdy aluminium frame and chair base exude a premium feel while ensuring stability. The class 4 certified gas lift stands as a testament to our commitment to quality.

3D Headrest

The wide curved headrest adapts perfectly to the neck, ensuring both comfort and freedom of movement, even when your head is tilted to the side.

Hinomi X1 3D headrest

Hinomi X1 3D Headrest 1.6


Up and Down

Hinomi X1 3D Headrest 3.9


Bracket Height & Rotation

Hinomi X1 3D Headrest 45° Surface Rotation


Surface Rotation

4-level Adjustable Backrest Height

The backrest height can be adjusted in four levels, allowing you to align the chair with your body’s proportions, reducing strain and promoting a healthier sitting posture.

X1 4-level Adjustable Backrest Height
Hinomi X1 Beyond Comfort
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