The ZS Chair Motorized Zero Gravity Recliner



Gravity is a major cause of back pain. Our ZS Chair is designed to bring zero gravity conditions to the living room. Using dual motors, the chair can recline almost fully into the horizontal, while raising the feet above head height. This achieves zero pressure in the spine, allowing it to fully relax and recuperate from gravity bound daily activities. We have actually improved on space conditions as no matter what position the chair is in, the spine is always in its own unique ‘S’ shape. Pain elimination results from the ZS are truly spectacular.

  • Achieves Zero Pressure in the Spine
  • Fully Made to Measure
  • Independent Dual Motors
  • Fully Automatic Recline
  • Multi Position Capability
  • Measured Seat Width, Depth, Sitting and Reclining Positions
  • Wide Fabric and Colour Choice

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