The BackEze is designed to support both the lower (lumbar) and upper (thoracic) spine. It is a further development of our hugely successful Posturite Lumbar Support which over the last twenty years has helped thousands of back sufferers to site pain free.

  • We are so confident that Spine Rite Support will ease your back pain when sitting at home, office, car, travelling, in fact everywhere, that we are offering a one-month no-quibble money-back guarantee.
  • The BackEze is made from Visco-Elastic the revolutionary new space-age material invented by NASA for relieving the huge G forces encountered in space travel.
  • The BackEze relieves pain by preventing the seated spine from sagging into a forward “C” position with resultant pain.
  • The sensation when using the BackEzeis completely different to sitting on an average seat, when your spine is unsupported and slowly slumps forward into bad posture; the main cause of back pain. With The BackEze you immediately experience a feeling of being cosseted from lower to upper spine in luxurious softness. The extraordinary thing is that in spite of this softness your spine is still supported in good posture.
  • The special material responds to body heat, softening at points of high pressure (for example the bony part of your lower back), collapsing, then distributing the pressure over the surrounding area and supporting it.

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40 x 30cm