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24-hours-circleSitting with bad posture causes more stress on the intervertebral discs of the spine than any other body position.

In the lying position the stress is least. However, the spine still needs support. A very soft mattress allows the spine to sag out of position. Too hard a mattress will support the shoulder blades and buttocks, but not the lumbar spine.

When choosing a mattress lie flat on your back on the mattress. Your shoulder blades and buttocks should sink into the mattress. Try sliding a hand between the mattress and your lumbar spine. If you experience some difficulty in doing this it means your spine is being supported. In general avoid a so called orthopaedic mattress that tends to be very firm, supports the buttocks and shoulder blades, but allows the spine to sag unsupported, putting pressure on the discs and may cause pain.

Our range of mattresses are designed to keep your spine in its natural position. Our choice of high grade memory foam, with or without pocket springs, delivers a mattress that will work for each individual spine.

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