payment policy

Payment Options available on Furniture Elegance :

For your convenience, we try to offer the best payment options. Currently, we have the following payment options:
1. Paypal
2. Debit Card
3. Credit Card

Make secure payment by credit card

To pay online via our platform partner,please select Secure Payment and confirm your order. Fill in your card details in the new redirected page. Once payment is accepted, you will receive a confirmation of your order by Email.

What if payment fails?

In case of any error, you can contact our Customer Service for further assistance.

If your computer froze while processing payment. How will you know that the payment went through successfully ?

All successful transactions will receive a confirmation email. If you haven’t received any confirmation email , try placing your order again. Alternatively , please do not hesitate to call our customer care number +353 1 671 21 61. payment policy