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Pain Free Driving

Because most car seats are extremely badly designed, with no thought given to supporting the spine in good posture, pain free driving is an unknown to many drivers.  Two of the most prestigious cars are the worst offenders. I mentioned their names on the website. However on legal advice withdrew them.

Car manufacturers improve their products on a continuous basis but completely ignore seat design. The proof of this is that after I published my book “The Engineering Solution to Suffering Back Pain” I was invited to a seminar held in London by the car industry attended by 67 car designers from around the world. The title of the seminar was “Automotive Comfort.” I had a working prototype of a new design of seat that that within minutes could be adjusted to the contour of any spine thereby guaranteeing perfect posture and pain free driving. Incredibly they refused to even examine the design. (We have measured the spinal curvature of some 17,000 back sufferers when sitting in perfect posture and using this information to manufacture office, home and car seat moulds. The success is 95%. Success is sitting many hours pain free; 7-8 hours at an office desk, 3-4 hours driving.)

Before attending the seminar I did a quick 15 minute survey of 69 vehicles turning from Exchequer Street into South William Street. For cars the average distance of a car drivers head to the headrest was 8 inches, for vans / lorries the average was 12 inches. Every driver was totally unprotected from whiplash injury. Last year Aviva Insurance announced that 80% of all car crash injuries are whiplash.  Our custom made car sear mould prevents whiplash. Both the RSA and the AA wrote me polite letters thanking me for this information.

I have written a report explaining exactly how whiplash is caused and how it can be prevented. Feel free to contact me on this or any other questions on car seats.