The Unique ZS Chair

(Z=Zero Gravity, S=Perfect Posture)

Bad posture, the main cause of back pain, is the result of gravity acting down the spine causing it to collapse into a forward “C” position resulting in huge pressure in the intervertebral discs. (“Even though bad posture may not cause any discomfort, continual poor posture will in the long term cause back pain.” Ref. Back Care by The Health Education Bureau).

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The proof of the effect gravity has on the spine is that astronauts in space for several weeks return to earth up to two inches taller. Their spines have expanded due to zero gravity. Within days gravity compresses them back to normal length.

Unique ZS chair

Correct Posture - "S" Shape
Correct Posture - "S" Shape
Bad Posture - "C" Shape
Bad Posture - "C" Shape

The unique ZS Chair designed by The Back Shop, custom tailored to provide perfect posture with no gravity acting down the spine, and the least possible force on organs and joints.

What it does

  1. Brings space conditions to your living room.
  2. Provides zero gravity.
  3. Eliminates bad posture the main cause of back pain.
  4. Guarantees perfect posture, the “S” position resulting in the least possible disc pressure. Over the last 25 years and ten thousand back sufferers this has resulted in 95% of cases in pain free sitting. As every spine is a different shape, “Backprints are as unique as fingerprints,” our patented Spinal System-S measuring machine is used to obtain your own unique S shape. The back of the chair exactly copies this shape and so at all times preserves your S.


Provides the least possible force on every joint and organ of the body thereby improving rates of recovery for many ailments e.g. cardiac, osteoporosis, arthritis, vascular, and will greatly improve the quality of life of the incapacitated and long term patients.

Sport Injuries

Is particularly effective for sports injuries.