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Good posture is the most important way of preventing back pain.” (Reference: “Back Care” by The Health Education Bureau).

Nowhere is this more applicable than in an office situation. While no statistical information exists, the vast majority of people working in an office sit bent over the desk. This “C” position creates huge stress in the lumbar and cervical spine, eventually causing pain. Consider how you sit. Look at other people. You will realise the truth of this statement.

Spinal System-S office chairs guarantee perfect posture, the “S” position. By following some simple rules this results, in the vast majority of cases, in pain free sitting throughout the working day.

These procedures are:

  1. Arrange the work around the person, rather than vice versa. (The monitor straight ahead, telephone to hand, etc.)
  2. Use a footrest. Most desks are approximately twenty eight inches high. This results in people of average height having to sit with their knees considerably below their hips, resulting in the lower body tending to pull the upper body forward, and thereby helping to bend the spine into the “C” position. A footrest raises the knees, resulting the spine being tilted backwards.
  3. Sit as close to the desk as possible. This is important, as it is another aid to preventing the “C” position. (It prevents having to bend forward to pick up the telephone, working documents, etc.).
  4. Adjust the height of the seat so that, with the elbows resting on the armrest, the forearms are gently sloping down to the keyboard/mouse. Avoid too steep an inclination.
  5. Correctly resting the elbows results in a large percent of upper bodyweight being taken from the spine and transferred down the arms, thereby relieving stress on the spine, including the cervical spine.
  6. Work at all times with the spine in its “S” position, fully supported from the lumbar spine to the cervical, and with the elbows supported. Working with the head supported removes all stress from the neck. People who must look down at the keyboard should support the spine at least as high as the shoulder blades. For hand writing/reading use a simple portable lectern, sloping from approximately four inches at the rear to half inch at the front. The objective is to bring the work up to the person.
Poor posture can result in back pain
Severe Spinal Damage At 0 k.p.h.

In Engineering terms the spine could be regarded as a vertical flexible column that is prone to move out of position, and so develop a fault.

Spinal System-S chairs simply restore the column to its original “S” position, and so prevent pain.

All office chair seats are made with visco elastic, a heat sensitive material that softens with body heat, moulding itself to the contours of the bottom, relieving pressure, and facilitating sitting for long periods without moving.

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Global Availability


The Berlin Office Chair is available on the world market and can be shipped to any address on earth. Incredible as it may seem, it can still be custom contoured to provide “S.”

We have a patent on a process that enables us to supply Berlin Office Chairs, ZS, and Car Seat Moulds guaranteeing Perfect Posture to anybody, anywhere in the world, without having to measure the person.

When the chair is delivered the customer carries out some simple alterations to the back of the chair which changes the shape of the contour into one that precisely matches the shape of the back when in its correct “S” sitting position. This results in the least possible pressure in the intervertebral discs and in 95% of cases in many hours of pain free working. And remember back pain is the main cause of absenteeism.

This is possible because:

  1. Every customer’s height and weight is given with the initial order for the chair.
  2. As a result of the knowledge gained by measuring ten thousand spines over the last twenty five years we can supply a chair that gives good support to any person of known height.
  3. The customer then adjusts this support into one that provides Perfect Posture “S.”
  4. Each Berlin office chair comes with a patented Dup Kit (A kit that allows the customer to very simply duplicate his own “S.” Having measured ten thousand spines and questioning customers closely during the process, we know with certainty that most know when their spines are in “S.”) Inside each Dup Kit box are a number of inserts of various thicknesses with marks indicating lower, middle and upper spine. (Lumbar, thoracic and cervical)
  5. The procedure is that the customer sits in the Berlin, fixed in an upright position. The lumbar (lower) spine is then arched forward; making sure the upper spine is kept in contact with the back of the chair. The customer places a hand into the lumbar region and by using fingers estimates the distance between the spine and the back of the chair. Say the distance is in the region of two inches. A two inch insert, indicated “lumbar,” is selected from the Dup Box.