Is this you? 8-10 Hours Daily. 

Over the past 36 years The Back Shop has developed a range of office chairs that eliminate back and neck pain. Our products gently and comfortably ensure you sit in perfect posture. When sitting in perfect posture (least pressure in the discs) you relieve stress on your spine, which, over time, causes back and neck pain. The Back Shop Office Chair Range enable you to maintain a healthy spine and to work completely pain free.

The Spinal ‘S’, the dangerous ‘C’ and Modern Office Life.
The spine is naturally S shaped. Modern life makes us ‘over operate’ in certain ways that strain our spines (sitting in traffic, at our desks and watching TV/PC). This forces the spine from healthy ‘S’ shape to dangerous ‘C’ shape (maximum disc pressure) causing pain to develop and progress.








The Back Shop range of perfect alignment office chairs comfortably hold the spine in ‘S’ shape. This allows you to be in perfect posture most of your day, every day. Back pain is eliminated.


The Back Shop Perfect Alignment Range

Spine Alignment Chairs Range

Made to your specific measurements (spine & neck, height, weight, leg and arm lengths).

Posture Alignment Chairs Range

Designed from a series of height/spine metrics. Will give spine support in all sitting work conditions.

General Alignment Chairs Range

Highest quality, adjustable lumbar supported chairs.