pain-in-trapezius-muscleEvery time you sit, it is essential that you rest your head against the back of the chair. We have spoken to many thousands of people suffering neck pain and in not even one instance has this been said to them.

Stress in an object is defined as weight x distance and expressed in in/lbs (or cm/kgs)

Sitting in bad posture means the centre of the head is displaced forward, say 6 inches, from the vertical. The weight of the head is approximately 14 lbs. The stress in the cervical spine is then 14 lbs x 6 inches = 84 in/lbs. Sitting with the head resting the stress is 14 lbs x 0 inches = 0 in/lbs = no stress. Stress causes pressure in the discs, muscle and ligament strain, eventually resulting in pain.

We have discovered a fact previously unknown to medical science;

Always sitting in perfect posture with the whole spine (lumbar, thoracic and cervical) supported, at least 5 degrees back from the vertical, will in most cases result in pain free sitting for many hours at a time.

(Sitting at least 5 degrees back from the vertical means gravity is pulling the body backwards making it impossible to fall into a ‘C’ forward position in bad posture without a conscious thought).

It takes a few days to become truly comfortable in this way of sitting and then it becomes very instinctive. Your quality of live will improve greatly from adapting to this simple change.