Eighty percent of the world’s population suffer back pain at some time In their lives. Back pain is the most common pain. It is the main cause of absenteeism and the principal reason people seek medical help. Sitting in bad posture is the main cause of back pain.


Every spine has a different shape; backprints are as unique as fingerprints. When a spine is

in its own special elongated S shape the pressure in the discs is the least possible. When it slumps into a forward C shape in bad posture disc pressure can be huge. An example is a spine sitting upright when the disc pressure is X pounds per square inch. Bending forward increases this pressure to 2X, 3X, 4X, etc. depending on the bending distance. Holding a

wooden ruler at the bottom and bending it forward with the other hand will give you an appreciation of the forces involved.


Of course, they are minuscule in comparison to those generated by the spine bending.

Back pain is caused by a body part touching a nearby nerve exiting the spinal column. Imagine an underinflated balloon. Squeezing one end results in the opposite swelling outward. This is precisely what happens with a spine bent into a C position in bad posture. There are 24 bony vertebrae in the spine. Between each vertebra is the soft pliable disc

held in position inside the annular ligament made up of tight vertical layers of pliable fibrous material which bind adjacent vertebrae together. Bending causes the disc to swell backward eventually causing the ligament to weaken and bulge and in extreme cases to rupture resulting in contact with a nearby nerve resulting in pain.


This a very simple explanation of how the spine works. If you don’t know the spine works you don’t know what causes pain. Knowing how the spine works give you the information to prevent it.


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