We have a patent on a method that allows us to provide the unique ZS chair, the Galaxy Office chair, and the Car Seat Mould to anybody anywhere in the World providing perfect posture resulting in the least possible disc pressure, and a 95% chance of recipients sitting pain free for many hours at a time; 7-8 hours at an office desk, 3-4 hours driving.

Having manufactured 16,000 plus Made to Measure chairs, and having measured the spines of over 50,000 people over the last 35 years we have a vast knowledge of spinal shapes. This allows us to manufacture seating guaranteeing perfect posture for back sufferers throughout the World without making physical contact. The information required to do this is the person’s height, weight, length of inside leg and preferred sitting height. The resultant chair provides perfect posture with disc pressure the least possible. However equal length spines may differ in shape. To overcome this eventuality each chair contains an air bag incorporated inside the back allowing the shape to be tweaked to precisely conform to the individual’s spine. This is achieved by means of a pneumatic hand pump attached to the back of the chair which allows adjustment to the individual’s spinal shape. (Having measured over 50,000 spines we know that everybody knows exactly the amount of support they require.)

The chairs are manufactured in a huge range of materials.

Our clients come from places as diverse as Alice Springs in Australia, New York, St.Kitts (Caribbean), Gdansk, Hong Kong, Glasgow, London, Vancouver, Liverpool (Liverpool Football Club in their Melwood Training Ground)

The process of ordering a special made to measure chair is relatively simple. We only need the specific measurements mentioned above and we take care of the rest.

If you have any question or a specific request please use the form below

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