I will continue to recommend a well-designed chair that patients find comfortable, as a very reasonable option, and certainly for those many patients who find sitting difficult, this may improve the quality of their life. Keep up the good work.

The Back Shop Company has provided a very satisfactory service to the community occupational therapy department in Cork. A service consisting of individual assessment, assembly and delivery to the client’s home of specialised seating, predominately custom made rise and recline chairs.

Joint assessment between the occupational therapist and Back Shop in the client’s home has proven beneficial to ensure correct seating is negotiated, with all people involved especially the client receiving the chair.

I would have no hesiatation in recommending the service.

I am quite happy to state that the Occupational Therapy service in Dublin South West District has been very pleased with the service that your company has given to us in relation to custom made chairs. It has to date been a quality service with a quality product. I would be happy to speak to service in question if they have any queries.

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Colm Campbell’s expertise and engineering. Our clinic has been associated with him in the past twelve years and many hundreds of our patients have derived great benefit and pain relief from his custom made chairs – both for car, home and office use.

His products are unique in that each is specifically designed to the needs and