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Best Practices for Choosing a Neck Support Pillow

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We spend 1/3 of our life sleeping. Most pillows are placed under the head which puts strain on your neck.  Some people squash their pillow into their neck and end up with numbness, and pins, and needles in their fingers.  We can help solve this problem.

All pillows start life as a liquid and are poured into different moulds that shape the pillow into many different angles and shapes designed to help you sleep.

Back Shop – Sleeping System:

1.  Height of the person

2.  Preference for pillow height

3.  Body size

4.  Soft/hard pillow

5.  Sleeping position

In more detail. When choosing a neck support pillow, it is important to consider the following best practices:

  1. Choose the correct firmness: A pillow that is too soft will not provide enough support, while one that is too firm can cause discomfort. Look for a pillow that is supportive but still comfortable.
  2. Consider your sleeping position: Different sleeping positions require different levels of support. For example, if you sleep on your back, you will need a thinner pillow, while if you sleep on your side, you will need a thicker pillow.
  3. Look for a pillow with contouring: A pillow that contours to the shape of your head and neck will provide better support and help keep your spine in alignment.
  4. Consider materials: Memory foam or latex pillows are a good option as they contour to the shape of your head and neck, providing better support than traditional down or feather pillows.
  5. Check the size: Make sure the pillow you choose is the right size for your body and sleeping habits. A pillow that is too small or too large can cause discomfort and disrupt your sleep.

It’s important to note that what works for one person may not work for another, so it’s a good idea to try out different types of pillows before making a decision.

Nothing “off the shelf” is guaranteed to work which is why we offer a no-quibble guarantee.  If our pillows do not give you pain relief we will return your monies, within a month.

Best Practices for Choosing a Neck Support Pillow
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