Back Pain in the Digital Age 
It is true – back and neck pain are symptoms of the digital age. When we sit at a desk and stare at our screens for long periods of time, our spine innately collapses forwards which causes a C-shape bend when it should be in a perfect S-shape. This compression, occurring at the bottom and top of the spine (where it meets the shoulders), puts a lot of pressure on the lumbar and cervical spine which is a leading cause of back pain. The effects of neglecting back support may be incremental but in the long run, it could cause serious damage.

Learn the Facts:

Time Spent Sitting

9.5 hr

is the average amount of time a working person sits in a day.
British Heart Foundation

Computer Usage Back Pain


of people experienced pain after using some form of technological device.
British Chiropractic Association

Doctors Office


cause of job-related disabilities and a leading contributor to missed work days
– National Institutes of Health


How to Prevent Back Pain from Sitting:


The best answer is to avoid sitting but for some of us, this is not a realistic solution. If you do need to sit we suggest the following tips:
> Setting up your monitor straight ahead
> Using a footrest to raise knees and thereby helping your posture
> Sit as close to the desk as possible
> Rest elbows on armrest and forearms are gently sloping down to the mouse
> Use head supporters to remove stress from neck
> Sit with the spine in an “S” position – We can help here!

The Back Shop engineers chairs that ensure your spine is in the perfect “S” shape to subside and eliminates pain from prolong sitting. Our made-to-measure, metrics based and lumbar support chairs help ensure there is no contact between the nerves and any part of the spine.

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