Young People
(Avg 20 – 35 years)

New to work environment, enthusiastic, seemingly indestructible, but
sitting in excess of 8 hours a day. Niggling pain often begins leading to
constant pain later in life.
Keep their spines healthy with a Backline™ chair coupled with The Science
of Sitting™ technique for a pain free worklife.


Middle Management
(Avg 28 – 50 years)

Big responsibilities; mortgages, children, long hours at work. The beginning of back problems. Ensure the prevention or elimination of back pain with The Science of Sitting™ technique and a Postureline™ chair.


Business Owners and Directors
(Avg 35 – 65 years)

The highest occurrence of serious back problems. Prevent and eliminate back pain with a fully made-to-measure Spineline™ hair and The Science of Sitting™.

Find the right chair and implement The Science of Sitting™ for employees that will be healthy, productive and profitable for their whole working lives.