How can I eliminate bad posture, the main cause of back pain?

Customer: How can I eliminate bad posture, the main cause of back pain?

pic_spine-measureC.C. (Colm Campbell): I’ve designed this piece of equipment for measuring spinal curvature.

C.C.: I put the person sitting in the measuring chair and gently push the spine from it’s original position, as indicated by the dotted line, into the correct sitting position by means of the sliding bars. I make a cardboard template of the spine, in this perfect posture position, and from this the back of the chair is made to precisely conform to the person’s back shape. The measuring chair also gives me the information to make the arm height, depth, height, and width of seat to exactly match the person’s physical specifications.

Customer: What’s this perfect posture?

C.C.: I define perfect posture as that position which puts the least stress on the spine.

Customer: Why do you have to measure? Why can’t one chair do for all?

C.C: Every spine has its own S shape which is unique to it. The shape of a human spine is as unique as a fingerprint. Even people of the same size and build have different shaped spines.


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