Pain Free Driving

Because most car seats are extremely badly designed, with no thought given to supporting the spine in good posture, pain free driving is an unknown to many drivers.  Two of the most prestigious cars are the worst offenders. I mentioned their names on the website. However on legal advice withdrew them. Car manufacturers improve their […]

pain free sitting

80% of the world’s population suffer back pain at some time in their lives. At any moment in time 12% – 15% are in pain. Sitting in bad posture is the main cause. After 36 years and 17,000 back sufferers, 16,000 of these are now sitting pain free for many hours at a time e.g.7-8 […]

Back Shop Launches New Mesh Office Chair

Maintain the correct posture when you’re at work! The Back Shop are delighted to launch two new additions to our range of office chairs. Both have mesh backs, leather seats, adjustable headrests and arms, and lumbar region. Also comes with tilting mechanism and air lift as standard. If you would like to test out the […]

Bad posture: The cause of back pain

Bad posture: The cause of back pain Most back pain is caused by bad posture whilst sitting. ‘Even though bad posture may not cause any discomfort, continual poor posture will in the long term cause back pain.’ (ref. Back Care by Health Education Bureau) “Good posture is the most important way of preventing back pain” […]