Pain Free Driving

Because most car seats are extremely badly designed, with no thought given to supporting the spine in good posture, pain free driving is an unknown to many drivers.  Two of the most prestigious cars are the worst offenders. I mentioned their names on the website. However on legal advice withdrew them. Car manufacturers improve their […]

Is an operation the right treatment for a slipped disc?

Customer: Is an operation the right treatment for a slipped disc? C.C. (Colm Campbell): I would advise extreme caution. The success rate is extremely low. The latest information on low back pain, published in the August 1998 edition of Scientific American, and written by Dr Richard Dayo of the University of Washington says “the actual […]

How can I eliminate bad posture, the main cause of back pain?

Customer: How can I eliminate bad posture, the main cause of back pain? C.C. (Colm Campbell): I’ve designed this piece of equipment for measuring spinal curvature. C.C.: I put the person sitting in the measuring chair and gently push the spine from it’s original position, as indicated by the dotted line, into the correct sitting […]

How does bad posture cause back pain?

Customer: How does bad posture cause back pain? Colm Campbell: Take a wooden ruler and bend it. When it’s released it whips back into position so fast you can hardly see it. The reason is that when something rigid is bent stress is built up along its length, and releasing it releases the stress. The […]

What causes neck pain?

Customer: What causes neck pain? C.C. (Colm Campbell): If you follow me I’ll show you the way you and ninety nine percent of people sit at an office desk. It’s the reason why the vast majority end up with back pain. (C.C. walks over to a desk, sits on an office chair, and simulates somebody […]

Are armrests useful in preventing back pain?

Customer: Are Armrests useful in preventing back pain?   C.C. (Colm Campbell): Armrests are extremely important. For two reasons. Firstly, when you are sitting with your elbows properly supported you are taking a considerable amount of weight off your spine and transferring it down your arms. Secondly, in an office situation, when you are keying […]

Should I use a footrest?

Customer: Can a footrest improve my posture? C.C. (Colm Campbell): The height of the average desk is around 27 inches. This means a person of average height must sit quite high in order to work with arms gently sloping downwards to the desk or keyboard. This means sitting with knees considerably below the hips. The […]